herbal shampoo

₹ 150.00
Weight: 200 GM
Short Description:

Finally, there is a shampoo that will cleanse your hair while also nourishing it, from deep within. KNB’s Aloe Neem Herbal Shampoo is your one stop solution to healthy hair that shines and is truly your crowning glory! 


Both aloevera and neem are true gifts from nature and both of these have immense healing properties. Not only can they work as antibacterial elements, they can also cleanse your hair in the gentlest manner, while ensuring they work hard on the dirt, oil and grime. When you use KNB’s Aloe Neem Herbal Shampoo for the first time, you will realise that your hair does not have to feel like dry coconut husk, after a wash. While the neem will ensure that your hair and scalp is completely clean, the aloevera will ensure that your hair is hydrated. In addition to leaving you with hair that you will love, our shampoo will also ensure that your battle with dandruff also comes to an end. This is one of the best shampoos for dry hair, because not only will it hydrate and nourish your hair, it will also not strip your hair of the natural moisture.