herbal sharbat

₹ 200.00
Weight: 750 GM.
Short Description:

KNB brings you the goodness of tisane, in the form of a sharbat, that you can enjoy, any time of the day. Welcome a sweet goodness into your life, which will nourish you and give you the energy to keep going the whole day!


While most people might wonder what a tisane is, they would actually have included it in their life, without even knowing what it is. Tisane is actually a generic term used to describe any herbal tea, which is prepared using an infusion method. Tisane could be prepared using the leaf, root, flower, bark or even spices and berries. At KNB, we have infused a range of herbs and created a sharbat for you, which you can enjoy anytime! All you have to do is mix it with some water and you have a drink that will not only refresh you, but also rejuvenate you. Regular consumption of KNB’s Sweet Tisane Herbal Sharbat will ensure that your immunity levels are improved and your metabolism is improved, allowing for weight loss too. From detoxifying your lungs and liver, to helping with nausea, there is so much that a single glass of our Sweet Tisane Herbal Sharbat can do. And the sweet taste is bound to win over people of all age groups, allowing good health with ease!