calcium tab

₹ 200.00
Weight: 60 CAPSULES
Short Description:

While milk could always give you the calcium that your body needs, there will always be the need for more. KNB’s Calcium Tablets do just that, because they will make your body stronger and give you the strength to go on! 


Calcium tablets have been around for a really long time, but the reason why they will never match up to KNB’s Calcium Tablets is because they do not have the combination that these do. Our tablets have calcium carbonate, vitamin D3, magnesium hydroxide and zinc sulphate, each of which has an essential role to play in the human body. While healthy bones are a given with calcium, this is also an essential part of pregnancy too. We encourage pregnant women to include our tablets into their daily routine, because it will help during the pregnancy as well as after.   Regular intake of our calcium tablets can ensure that you maintain your weight as well as your sugar levels with ease. If you are someone who is struggling with PMS, this would be the tablet to take, every day. When taken in the right amounts, our Calcium Tablets can also help to keep your heart healthy.