brain body stimulant

₹ 150.00
Weight: 400 GM.
Short Description:

There would be no parent in the world, who would not want to purchase a tonic that would not only make their child alert and agile, but also improve their memory. KNB’s Brain and Body Stimulant is just such a tonic that is meant to sharpen their minds, naturally!


The academic world is extremely competitive these days, and children are constantly trying to do better. What is worse at times is that we parents too force our children, because we want to see them doing better than the other kids. In this bid, many parents even resort to giving their children chemical concoctions, which are often guised as memory boosters or brain tonics. However, these will do nothing but damage in the long run. This is the sole reason why, the scientists and medical experts at KNB choose natural ingredients such as Shankha pushpi and Bramhi to create the Brain and Body Stimulant. This all organic combination is often referred to in ancient texts as Medhya Rasayan and is a wonderfully natural way to boost memory as well as stamina in a growing child. In addition to improving one’s memory, it can also help a child improve his or her intelligence, by increasing their grasping power.