shilajit capsules

₹ 600.00
Weight: 60 CAPSULES
Short Description:

To become a better man, then you already are, KNB brings to your Shilajit Capsules, which will not only increase your vitality, but also elongate your life. A completely natural choice, our capsules will ensure that you feel your best, each day, every day! 


There is no man in the world who would not want to be stronger, fitter and more vital and while most struggle to attain all this, there are a few who have figured out the secret. The secret actually lies in the ancient ayurvedic texts and having analysed all of them, the house of KNB now brings to you Shilajit Capsules. These capsules have been formulated to give you vigour and vitality, each day. While most people think that Shilajit is meant only to increase libido and help with issues such as impotence, the fact is that it is a wonderful general tonic for men. Our capsules have been designed to provide muscle growth for men who are looking to do so. They will also improve the nervous system and liver functions, making you healthy from within. Regular consumption of our Shilajit Capsules can ensure that you have a much better immune system and all your joint and muscular pains are also taken care of.