amla capsules

₹ 200.00
Weight: 60 CAPSULES
Short Description:

KNB introduces tiny pockets of energy that will keep your body fit and allow you to live your life to the fullest. Our Amla Capsules will not only improve your immune system, but give you skin and hair that you will fall in love with!


For centuries, amla or the Indian gooseberry has been recognised as a fruit with immense medicinal properties. The sour fruit is super rich in vitamin C and regular consumption of the same can ensure that your immune system is always fortified. In addition to improving your immunity, amla is also known to improve digestion, maintain bowel movements, improve skin as well as hair. When you include KNB’s Amla capsules into your daily regimen, you will start to notice that you are stronger against colds and coughs, your body is stronger from within and even the change of seasons will not make you feel weak or unhealthy. You will start to notice that your hair feels more lustrous and your skin has a natural glow to it. The capsules will also ensure that your digestive system is in good condition, ensuring proper bowel movements. If you are diabetic, then too you would want to include KNB’s Amla Capsules in your regular diet, because it will help control sugar levels.